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Welcome to our website

Welcome to our website - FlaminiaBus S.r.l.
In our site you can find information about our company and our activities. Investigate what we do and especially what we can do for you.

This site will allow you to know us better and to enter at any time to contact us for more information.


Flaminia Bus is a small company, but already big in the streets of Italy.

This young company was founded with the aim to fill gaps, formed in Umbria in this particular operation, touching so many areas, for example, national tourism, school transport or Transfer at Hotel or airport.

All thanks to a highly qualified and experienced, offering its customers a service like no other.

Flaminia Bus is adequate, with good results, changes in tourism and its needs, to ensure reliable performance and utmost quality.


The FlaminiaBus S.r.l. offers its customers many services, so to meet every need:

 Transfers to all destinations (Italian and foreign)
 Transfers to and from airports / ports / stations FS
 Corporate representation services / guests / delegations
 Conferences - Events - Meetings - Fairs
 Sports travel
 Leisure travel / work
 Guided tours of the city of art
 Shopping tours
 Service pending with disco till dawn
 Concerts - Sports Events / theater with expectation
 Escort services to and from medical facilities
 Parcel and urgent packages
 Commissions for companies / institutions / associations
 Religious tourism / recipes / from smaller towns
 Possibility of agreements with Institutions, Associations, Companies
 Car 3 + 1
 Minivan 8 + 1
 Minibus 19 + 1 - 29 + 1 - 30 + 1 with onboard storage and transport
Bus G.T. 52 + 1 with onboard storage and transport

General Conditions

- General Conditions -- 
The customer may cancel the service call, write, send an email or fax. The booking will be deemed extinguished when done in these ways. 
Cancellations can be made up to 12 hours before the event without incurring any spesa.Le cancellations made with less than 2 hours in advance of the transfer dall'orario will incur the entire cost of the trip. 
- Right of cancellation BUS -- 
The consumer may cancel the contract for provision of a trip by bus, without paying penalties, the following assumptions: 
- Increase in the price referred to in art.6 in excess of 10%; 
- Changes significantly from one or more elements of the contract as fundamental for the use of the service as a whole and proposed by the organizer after the conclusion of the contract but prior to departure and not accepted by the consumer. 
In the cases above, the consumer has no alternative right: 
- Either to take a trip cover at no extra charge or with a refund of excess money, if the second supply has value less than the first; 
- The return of only part of the price already paid. This return must be made within seven working days from receipt of the request for reimbursement. 
The consumer must give notice of its decision (to accept the amendment or rescission) no later than two business days after you received the notice of increase or change. In the absence of express notice within such period, the proposal made by the organizer will be accepted. The consumer who withdraws from the contract prior to departure outside the assumptions listed, will be charged a penalty - regardless of deposit payment - the cost of personnel management practice and the following percentages of the share, calculated according to how many days before the trip was the case for the annulment (the calculation does not include the days of the termination, which notice must be received in a working day prior to the start of the trip): 
- 10% up to 40 working days before the start of the journey; 
- 25% up to 21 working days before the start of the journey; 
- 50% up to 11 working days before the start of the journey; 
- 75% up to 3 business days prior to departure. 
In any case, the withdrawal exercised after the 3rd business day before the departure, not be entitled to any refund. No reimbursement is provided for the withdrawal caused by the lack or inability of expatriation or obtaining personal documents needed for an entry visa for the countries that require it. In the case of pre-formed groups such payments will be agreed from time to time to sign the contract. 

- Terms Baggage -- 

Each passenger may carry with it up to two suitcases, ANY SURPLUS OF Bagala ES: SKI AND EQUIPMENT MUST BE DECLARED at the time of booking. We must be informed about the presence of bulky items such as skis, snowboards etc.. 
Occasionally you will be asked in a different logo for the transport of particularly bulky items or excess baggage. It remains the discretion of the drivers to load large objects not declared on the cars or luggage in excess or not having the conditions of transport security (suitcases broken, dirty, wet, etc.). 
The FlaminiaBus S.r.l. reserves the right (by their drivers delegates and report any abuse to the public security agencies) to refuse carriage to any person who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or constitutes a danger to the driver of the car and for other passengers. 
Passengers are not allowed to consume alcohol in our vehicles. 
E 'strictly forbidden to smoke in their vehicles, exceptions can be as expressly stated by the driver. 
The FlaminiaBus S.r.l. is not liable for delays due to causes beyond its control. The cars are all newly registered and insurance coverage for himself and Transport and in compliance with permits movement in force in Italy and EEC 
The transport of passengers is fully covered insurance that the company has entered into for its own power with third parties. The properties of the passengers are, however, carried entirely under the responsibility of the passenger who said the property at the time of loading. Check the departure matching your baggage, liability for loss or damage will not be accepted. All objects carried journey under your responsibility. 
The FlaminiaBus S.r.l. attempt to carry passengers (or) with minimal discomfort to his / their destination in the travel document confirmed that this is an airport hotel or place of business. 
In some circumstances beyond our control can happen that the passenger can not be brought to, or who arrive extremely late. These examples summarize the circumstances that may affect the timing and completion of the trip: 
Vehicle accidents can cause delay 
Exceptional and severe weather conditions may prevent the normal development of the travel 
Checks by law enforcement agencies 
Vandalism and terrorism 
Blocks traffic 
Demonstrations and strikes 
Other passengers may cause delays 
Bookings made with incorrect details of dates times etc. 
Lack of information about departures and arrivals from the customer 
If the company FlaminiaBus S.r.l. proves unable to deliver for reasons within its control through its own means and resources of external partners, the passenger (s) for the destination booked and paid for, we will arrange transfer by external means (taxi, rental with driver) and then reimburse customer the cost of such transport on production of receipt / invoice. Reimbursement for the transfer does not exceed the rates in force for the use of taxis in the same way. 
The FlaminiaBus S.r.l. be liable for any costs and losses due to delays and errors directly attributable to our expertise, in this case there will be limited to a refund of € 200.00 per booking. The Company reserves the right to change at any time the parties (or all) of these agreements without giving prior notice to customers, partners, tour operators or agencies. These agreements shall prevail in relations to the client instead of those provided by third parties. 
E 'obliged the customer to bring us back as soon as possible any problems arising from inefficiencies or failures directly attributable to our work. We will work to quickly resolve any discomfort and loss in full customer satisfaction. These conditions of carriage and all services associated with them, respect the laws regulating the sale of services in Italy, this guarantees the protection of the passenger and his baggage. 

FlaminiaBus S.r.l.